Roofing in Cold Weather | Boral Steel Stone-Coated Roofing | Make Cold Days Work Days

Boral Steel™ roofing products, the leader in Stone-Coated Steel roofing systems, offers a number of key benefits to contractors, remodelers and homeowners looking for a durable, beautiful roofing solution. The heart of the product is constructed of high-quality Galvalume®[i] steel treated with a proprietary primer to enhance adhesion of the base coat acrylic polymer, which is used to bond stone granules to the steel. The result is a lightweight (1.5-lbs/sq. ft.), and cost-effective roofing system that is ideal for new construction and re-roofing alike. It’s also one built to help stand the test of time no matter the climate.

Designed to help withstand severe weather conditions such as wind uplift, hail, ice damming and fire, Boral Steel™ product can notably be installed in any temperature as well. So, if you’re hoping to get your project completed on time, rest assured you can install Boral Steel™ roofing product any day. Even if it’s a cold one.

Cold Climate Performance and Protection from Fire Spread

Boral Steel™ roofing product helps provides protection from numerous weather conditions. These include:

Ice Damming: After heavy snowfall in cold climates, warm air in the attic warms the roof, causing snow to melt. Water running down the roof refreezes when it reaches the colder roof edge, forming an ice mound. Boral Steel™ product installed with an elevated, or “above-sheathing ventilation” (ASV) roof system can help equalize the temperature between the snow and the structure, minimizing melt and freeze snow cycles and reducing ice dams.

Snow Loads: With its steel composition, Boral Steel™ product can also notably carry more weight attributed to snow loads than other roofing options.

Hail: With industry leading ASTM-Class-4 impact ratings and the ability to withstand 2” hailstones, Boral Steel™ roofing product is among the best materials for withstanding the devastating hailstorms that impact many regions of the country.

Wind Uplift: With modular design, batten substructure, and fastening patterns, stone coated steel has been proven to withstand severe wind events including various hurricanes and tropical storms. The product offers warranty coverage for wind speeds up to 120 mph and is tested to meet codes for the most stringent wind regions (such as Miami Dade County, Florida), where requirements reach as high as 180 mph.

Fire: As shown by testing results to ASTM-E108, stone-coated steel roofing also helps protect structures from fire spread. Boral Steel™ product offers a Class-A fire rating when used with specific underlayment materials, helping to provide extra protection from wind-driven embers, which are common during urban firestorms.

Installation Considerations for Cold Conditions

Boral Steel™ roofing product provides contractors with peace of mind that it can be installed in any temperature. This is a notable benefit when considering some competing products cannot be installed properly in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, regularly hold up contractors’ schedules, and may have considerably long lead times.

Fasteners: When installing Boral Steel™ roofing product in cold temperatures, it is optimal to utilize Boral Steel™ Screws rather than nail guns. All Boral screws have been performance tested and are coated with L3 Dura Protec™, a corrosion resistant coating.

Underlayment: It is also encouraged that installers pair Boral Steel™ product with Boral® MetalSeal HT Underlayment. A self-adhered, premium high-temp underlayment for metal roofs, Boral® MetalSeal Underlayment is both easy to install and is optimal for use with metal roofing.

Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of Boral Steel™ Roofing Product

Stone-coated steel roofing may be used as part of a complete cool roof system to reduce the structure’s energy consumption and to achieve long-term energy savings. A stone-coated steel cool roof system will encompass a high-performance underlayment, an elevated batten system, and a variety of hip and ridge ventilation products. Additionally, the cool roof incorporates above-sheathing ventilation. All cool roof system elements work in concert to create a cooler attic and living space below.


[i] Galvalume® is a Registered Trademark of BIEC International, Inc.