Boral Roofing Monthly Newsletter | March 2020 | Issue 02

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March 2020 – Issue 02

In an effort to stay connected with the community, Boral Roofing’s Monthly Newsletter aims to keep the community up to date with everything that has occurred during the past month or so at Boral Roofing. Including, but not limited to, press releases, new video releases, product launches, show homes and much more!

We hope that you will enjoy reading about all of the exciting things we’re working on, our involvement in the community, and most importantly; what we’re building great!

If you could please take a second to share this newsletter with your peers and colleagues in order to keep them up to date on the latest news from Boral Roofing as well, thank you and enjoy!

Product Launches

On March 2nd, 2020 Boral Roofing was pleased to announce a new product for the Florida market and Texas market; Boral Tile Mortar, a pre-colored, fiber-reinforced mortar for tile roof weather blocking with no need to add oxides! Our mortar includes an Integral Water Repellent (IWR) additive to help prevent efflorescence.

In addition, Boral Tile Mortar is offered in a range of colors to pair with our most popular concrete roof tiles. Due to the mortar being pre-mixed with color already included, you will simply need to just add water!

“Our goal with the launch of our new Boral Tile Mortar was to not only simplify the process of mixing mortar, but to help contractors in cutting costs and providing a safer working environment for their employees through the elimination of requiring a large electric mixer on a job site” said Wade Shepherd, Sr. Business Manager.

Additionally, we have released a video to accompany the launch that explains the benefits of using Boral Tile Mortar in both English and Spanish; which you can watch by clicking on the videos to the right.

To Learn More about Boral Roofing’s New Type S Tile Mortar, Click HERE

Upcoming Projects

Woodside Homes, Nevada is building the 2020 St. Jude Dream Home®! The home will be raffled to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Boral Roofing is honored to partner with Woodside Homes®, Nevada through donating our Barcelona 900 Concrete Roof Tile product!

“This project, of course, is extra special! It not only allows for a beautiful example of architecture and planning to be displayed, but the opportunity to provide a roof over the heads of the children and the families of St. Jude was what made us elated to participate” said Sr. Marketing Manager, Shannon Delgado.

Boral Roofing looks forward to following the progression of this project and is honored to be a part of such a special project!

To Learn More about the St. Jude House, Click HERE

Installations of the Month

As with our #ROTW (Roof of the Week) posts on Social Media, we think it is important to highlight some of our favorite installations of Boral Roofing products by roofers from the past month! For the month of March, we received quite a few submissions of different jobs around the country that we thought were exceptionally stunning!

Women’s History Month

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world” – Anne Frank

The month of March marked Women’s History Month, as well as International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2020. With both events acting as a celebration of women’s contribution to history, culture, and society; Boral Roofing wants to acknowledge the large number of female employees who contribute to the success and growth of our business each and every day.

These women not only lead us, inspire us, and teach us every single day, but are vital in demonstrating to the rest of the world that women can not only exist in the building product industry, but thrive in it as Managers, Engineers, Machine Operators, Sales Persons, Marketers, and much more!

Additionally, they are laying the groundwork for what will be the future of not only Boral North America, but the entire country. Inspiring young women and girls alike through their work to display that they can pursue and excel at anything they put their minds to.

The appreciation that Boral Roofing has for these women can be best described by our President, Darren Schulz. You can view the video to the right!

   Celebrating the Women of Boral Roofing

Dominique Dupree Claims Analyst
Marione Silva Shipping Coordinator
Cherlet Maile Financial Administrator
Aline Guzman Administrative Assistant
Lisa McConnaughey Business Development Manager
Malia Buford Schild Claims Analyst
Keairra Haynes Process Engineer
Erika McKinney Safety Coordinator
Wendy Sams Director of Supply Chain
Diana Hernandez Machine Operator I – Roofing
Sierra Good Shipping Coordinator
Jackeline Gonzalez Maisonet Machine Operator I – Roofing
Mayra Portocarrero Machine Operator II – Roofing
Cassandra Rucker Miller Machine Operator II – Roofing
Rena Frenes Shipping Clerk
Leticia Perez Ventura Production Worker
Brenda Aguirre Gaona Customer Service Rep
Vanessa Bailey Shipping Coordinator
Letizia Barrera Territory Sales Manager
Nibia Fuentes Production Worker
Angela Wilson Design Center Rep
Christina Curl Customer Service Rep
Esperanza Sanchez Production Worker
Adelaida Castillo Machine Operator II – Roofing
Leticia Chavez Sierra Machine Operator I – Roofing
Brenda Cruz Rosa Machine Operator II – Roofing
Cynthia Sanchez Customer Service Rep
Jasmin Espinoza Customer Service Rep
Marcey Graves Customer Service Rep
Jennifer Miller Claims Analyst
Amber McNitt Customer Service Rep
Maria Mayorga Carranza Production Worker
Zuleyka Ramierez Velez Production Worker
Lorena Hernandez Rodriguez Production Worker
Donna Vingo Territory Sales Manager
Yecxenia Morales Magriz Machine Operator III – Roofing
Jennifer Leon Quality Control Technician
Isidora Sheldon Production Worker
Ivonne Customer Service Rep
Lea Hoeke Territory Sales Manager
Heather Knies Territory Sales Manager
Charlotte Ung Customer Service Rep
Kerry Davidson Director, Supply Chain Mgmt.
Paulina Zamarripa Graphic Artist
Ivonne Quiles-Rodriguez Machine Operator III – Roofing
Vanessa Beltran Customer Service Rep
Kimberly Marshall Customer Service Rep
Tina Jackson Customer Service Rep
Charla Rusin Executive Assistant
Debbie Cumplido Customer Service Rep
Lorraine Lasley-Roper Sr Territory Manager
Cheryl Vaden Territory Sales Manager
Suzanne Bowden Sr Cost Accountant
Ann Iten Director of Marketing
Rita Torres Territory Sales Manager
Petra Rodriguez Production Worker
Marcella Hernandez Quality Control Technician
Adiola Yanez Machine Operator II – Roofing
Kassandra Lopez Shipping & Receiving Supv.
Keaton Mower Territory Sales Manager
Valerie Samper Salazar Transportation Planner
Michele Booth Territory Sales Manager
Christene Hall Shipping Coordinator
Marjorie Salada Production Planner
Lorena Trasvina Machine Operator II – Roofing
Maribel Silva Zacatenco Shipping Coordinator
Alejandra Romero Torres Safety Coordinator
Irma Jacobo Quality Control Supervisor
Virginia Castillo Pricing Coordinator
Gayle Brown Transportation Planner
Kelli Labrado Territory Sales Manager
Rhonda Mohr Customer Service Rep
Lydia Diaz Gibbs Shipping Coordinator
Elizabeth Woods Customer Service Rep
Nikki Jones Territory Sales Manager
Alicia Maldonado Territory Sales Manager
Trista Mac Accounting Supervisor
Dianna O’Toole Senior Inside Sales Rep
Deanna Landaeta Financial Administrator
Jodi Lohr Territory Sales Manager
Sharon Dubay Production Planner
Tammy Stamper Territory Sales Manager
Sheila Waldron Receptionist
Melissa Franklin Customer Service Manager
Susana Delpino Territory Sales Manager
Ann Hunt Team Leader
Jessica Brashears Customer Service Rep
Alisha Kemp Financial Administrator
Courtney Hutto Customer Service Rep
Krista Bucher Director of Sales
Adyara Martinez Customer Service Supervisor
Janette Arias Production Planner
Shelly Sandoval Customer Service Rep
Stephenie Heagerty Regional Sales Manager
Shannon Delgado Senior Manager, Marketing
Laura Mattes Production Planner
Shauna Vawter E – Business Administrator
Arlene Michael Financial Administrator
Natalie Plunk Shipping Coordinator
Jacqueline Hanson Pricing Coordinator
Charlotte Kaminski Sr Mgr Prod Plan & Inventory
Maureen Roche Administrative Assistant
Marina Polic Graphic Artist
Brisa Lima Customer Service Manager
Laurene Flohr-Pike Senior Inside Sales Rep
Jean DeCamara Travel Administrator
Anita Kerzic Accounting Manager
Christina Hager E – Business Manager
Terri Evans Sr Safety Manager
Donna Baldwin Dir of E-Bus & System Process
Sandra Zamarripa Lab Manager
Sandra Ralph Falls Production Planner
Erica Bibian Lab Specialist
Tina Hemminger Director of Customer Service
Linda Turner Shipping Coordinator
Alison Parker Office Manager
Angela Richardson Customer Service Supervisor
Nichola Lawson Customer Service
Fran Longley Customer Service
Sarah Kelleher Area Sales Manager
Carol Hendershot Sr. Human Resources Business Partner
Amanda Bell Human Resources Generalist
Holly Schiro Transportation Systems Specialist