LBM Journal In Depth: Roofing systems- Features Boral CA Colors and MetalSeal Underlayment

By July 2, 2019Blog

There was a time when roofing materials weren’t paid that much attention to. Most homeowners opted for asphalt options, and they considered themselves well-served as long as those shingles delivered decent protection during the predicted product lifespan. Oh, how the times have changed.

More and more, roofing materials play an integrated part in the overall aesthetics of a home, and both homeowner and builder alike are constantly searching for a roofing solution that delivers a combination of good looks, energy efficiency and durability in the face of extreme harsh weather. It’s no longer acceptable to slap on shingles that merely dispel rain. Today’s roofing materials need to pay long-term dividends like never before, especially in light of predicted category growth.

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