Installing Boral Roofing’s Saxony Concrete Roof Tile Using 25% Less ICP Adhesive Foam

By December 18, 2019Blog

A superior tile design to optimize installation, reduce costs, and help provide greater protection against the elements.

We are extremely excited to announce the launch and premiere of our Saxony® Concrete Roof Tile installation with using 25% less ICP Adhesive Foam video!

Boral Roofing’s legacy has been an innovation-forward company where our engineers, plant managers, sales, and marketing teams are all constantly looking for ways we can improve and upgrade our products in order to make them better for our customers.

Our Saxony® Concrete Roof Tile is no exception. We designed a product to work hand in hand with the ICP Adhesive to not only help protect homes against the elements such as strong winds and tropical storms in the Florida region; but also to save contractors and homeowners alike money on the installation by providing a product in the marketplace that allows for 25% less foam adhesive to be used when installing our Saxony® Tile.

In addition, the speed of the installation is greatly improved when using our product due to the decreased amount of foam needed per tile; which overall makes our Saxony® line the perfect product to work with ICP Adhesive products.

To view this video please visit: Video Link

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