Boral Roofing Summer Newsletter 2020 | June-August | Issue 05

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Summer 2020 – Issue 05

In an effort to stay connected with the community, Boral Roofing’s Summer Newsletter aims to keep the community up to date with everything that has occurred during the past couple of months or so at Boral Roofing. Including, but not limited to, press releases, new video releases, product launches, show homes and much more!

We hope that you will enjoy reading about all of the exciting things we’re working on, our involvement in the community, and most importantly, what we’re building great.

If you could please take a second to share this newsletter with your peers and colleagues in order to keep them up to date on the latest news from Boral Roofing as well, we’d really appreciate it! Thank you and enjoy!

Boral Roofing in the News

Metal Construction News: The Stone-Coated Steel Roofing System

A featured article in Metal Construction News by our very own Technical Manager, Robin Anderson which explores all things Stone-Coated Steel roofing. Covering everything from the type of steel that is used all the way through the installation of the product; an article truly worth reading.

You can read the article HERE or by clicking on the respective image:

Clay Roofing: Origins & Future

With a history dating back thousands of years, clay roof tile has been providing shelter for generations. Learn the history behind clay roofing products and where they’re headed in the future in this special edition Boral Blog.

You can read the blog by clicking HERE or by clicking on the respective image:


Roofs, like us, have an expected lifespan. Some are much shorter, others much longer. Knowing how long your roof is expected to last, as well as the length of your warranty coverage, are good places to start when determining if you need a replacement. This article is specifically tailored for you, the homeowner, to learn about roof replacement from A to Z.

It covers: Maintenance & Repair vs. Replacement, Cost Considerations, Energy Savings & Climate, Potential Rebate Opportunities, Selecting the right Contractor, and Installation Considerations.

You can read this article by clicking HERE or by clicking on the respective image:

Project Updates

The Warrior Village Project

Since our last check in with Mark Pilcher and the Warrior Village Project they have since completed the first cottage and installed the Boral Steel Roof as seen in the photo, the product is Boral Steel Pine-Crest Shake in an Ironwood finish.

Given the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unfortunate that the kids of San Marcos High School were not able to continue working on the project. However, we commend Mark and his team for continuing on these builds in order to benefit homeless Veterans!

The Warrior Village Project is an amazing project created by Mark Pilcher, to help build cottage homes for homeless Veterans as well as provide education for the next generation’s group of building professionals.

As described by Mark himself, “The Warrior Village Project is a collaboration of building industry associations, nonprofits serving veterans, high schools and colleges, business and private donors, and private citizens working together to provide affordable, permanent housing for homeless veterans while training the next generation of homebuilders. Each of the organizations involved in the Project is providing expertise and resources consistent with its unique capabilities and the mission of its organization.

Vision House: Seattle Cascades

It has been a little while since we have been able to hear any updates regarding the building of the Seattle Cascades Vision House featuring legendary builder C.R. Herro, VP of Innovation for Meritage Homes in partnership with Green Builder Media.

“[Join us as this] personal home of C.R. Herro, VP Innovation from Meritage Homes, goes from the conceptual idea of recreating the feeling of his grandparents’ house, through the choices made for high performance and design, and culminating with a stunning sustainable net-zero masterpiece, ready for vibrant living.

Setbacks deal with primarily COVID-19 as well as the large amount of planning that was required for this build while the team simultaneously worked diligently to secure the proper permits, products, and solidifying the final design.

However, we have just received a new update from the team regarding the Vision House; they have broken ground! The construction team has received the full green light and are ready to go! Additionally, as seen in the photos, they have finally been able to break ground on the property and will soon be selecting the final products for assembly of the home including the Boral Roof.

You can learn more and follow the progress of this project by visiting Green Builder Media’s website and YouTube channel respectively:

Green Builder Website

Green Builder YouTube

Going Digital

Boral Stone-Coated Steel Roofing & Baseball Season

 It’s no secret that everyone was excited when sports finally came back after being on several month hiatuses. With most of us spending extra time at home these days, our Boral Steel team wanted to share their excitement for the return of baseball season as well as offer some key information and statistics regarding Boral Steel roofs and hail season that’s sweeping across the United States.

You can view the brand new video to the right!

Learn more about Boral Steel and Hail at:

Boral North America Introduces New Careers Page

Over the past few months, Boral North America has worked tirelessly to introduce a revamped careers website and Facebook page in order to make the application and hiring process more intuitive than ever.

This has included the introduction of a website dedicated specifically to careers available within the Boral North America family with easy-apply features, constant updates, well-defined job descriptions, and much more.

During the current climate, Boral North America recognizes that many people are looking for work and doing their best to find a job that fits their skillset. Which is why the introduction of this site is so important to the brand; so, we can do our part in providing resources and job opportunities in the simplest way possible.

You can explore the brand-new careers website here:

And follow the Facebook page for continuous updates on available jobs here:

We’d love if you joined the Boral family!

The NTRCA Not-So-Mini Trade Show

 Boral Roofing was recently the sponsor of the NTRCA (North Texas Roofing Contractors Association) ‘Not-so-Mini’ Trade Show in Grapevine, Texas. During the week of August 12th, 2020, the NTRCA put on a free-for-contractors, socially distant and virtual trade show that featured in-person events (masks were required) as well as online activities and resources as well.

Boral Roofing was the title sponsor of the event that offered a virtual gift bag and the support from our Boral Steel team in Texas.

To learn more about the NTRCA you can visit:

To learn more about Boral Steel Stone-Coated Roofing visit:

Boral Roofing Education

With the introduction of multiple new CEU courses for architects through Boral Roofing’s partnerships with Hanleywood University, and the AIA, Boral Roofing is currently constructing a new page dedicated to Education on

The page will include all of the current courses available for architects to become educated on the industry as well as Boral Roofing’s product offerings.

Additionally, for the first time ever, architects will be able to schedule and sign up for these courses through our specialized scheduling tool included on the page which includes a calendar and the ability to select which courses best fit the needs of the architect.

Make sure to check our social media outlets for updates on its release!


As we all continue to navigate these unprecedented times, it is important to be mindful of others, while continuing to protect ourselves and maintaining #ZeroHarmToday. Stay safe, and continue to #BuildSomethingGreat, we’re in this together!

For more resources on protective precautions to take, please click here

Installations of the SUMMER

Since we are compiling the summer months into one big newsletter, there are tons of awesome installations we have seen over the past couple of months from roofers across the country! While we’d love to show every single installation that was submitted to us, we want to shout out just a few of our favorites that we thought were exceptionally impressive!

Fun & Entertainment

Things have been pretty serious for the past few months; however, we think it is important to maintain a sense of fun and appreciation for our employees as we continue to support our customers, employees, and the industry during the current climate.

We’ve celebrated days such as the 4th of July, Canada Day, Social Media Day, National Video Game Day, National Vinyl Record Day, did a Summer Swag Giveaway, and featured three of our employees in our monthly Employee Spotlight.

So, we thought you might like to see some of the more fun things we’ve been up to over the summer!