Boral Roofing Monthly Newsletter | September 2020 | Issue 06

In an effort to stay connected with the community, Boral Roofing’s Monthly Newsletter aims to keep the community up to date with everything that has occurred during the past month or so at Boral Roofing and what may be upcoming in the next month. Including, but not limited to, press releases, video releases, product launches, digital involvement, project updates, show homes and much more!

We hope that you will enjoy reading about all of the exciting things we’re working on, our involvement in the community, and most importantly, what we’re building great.

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Boral Roofing in the News

During the month of September, we were featured in a number of different news articles, blogs, and press releases that focused on a number of different product offerings including; Boral Steel Cool Roof System, Boral new pre-blended tile Mortar, Roofing Systems and a look at Metal Roofing Shakes and Shingles.

We thought you would enjoy taking a look at a few of these different written pieces to learn a little bit more about why Boral Roofing is an industry leader of Premium Roofing Solutions.

Roofing Magazine – Stone Coated Steel Cool Roof System Enhances Energy Efficiency

In the featured article by Roofing Magazine, they cover the benefits of Boral Roofing’s high-performance Stone-Coated Steel metal roofing products and how they can enhance the energy efficiency of a home.

Additionally, the article details the lightweight nature of Boral Steel products and the benefits of installing the metal roofing product with Boral Roofing’s accessory components such as the Elevated Batten System® (EBS), Boral® MetalSeal Underlayment, and our wide variety of hip and ridge ventilation products.

To read the full article, click: Read Roofing Magazine

Qualified Remodeler – Tile Mortar Eliminates Guesswork for Matching Colors

Qualified Remodeler recently featured Boral Roofing’s new one-step, fiber-reinforced Tile Mortar product for the Florida and Texas markets that discussed the benefits of our premixed tile mortar that effectively eliminates the need to calculate the oxide quantity to mix for color matching.

To read the full article, click: Read Qualified Remodeler

LBM JOURNAL – In Depth: Roofing Systems

In a new short article by LBM Journal, they discuss roofing systems in depth and where the future of roofing solutions are headed based upon the current climate. In this article, Boral Roofing is mentioned for our redesigned Saxony 900 product to better work with ICP Polyset ‘Foam’ product by reducing the amount of adhesive needed during installation.

To read the full article, click: Read LBM Journal

Boral Roofing Online

Boral Steel Thanks Firefighters for their Efforts

 Due to the recent outbreak of wildfires on the West Coast, Boral Steel wanted to take an opportunity to thank all of the firefighters for their great efforts to contain and extinguish these fires. Additionally, our metal roofing solutions are Fire Resistant, and can achieve up to a Class A Fire Rating when partnered with specific installation methods.

Take a look at the video here:

Learn more about Boral Steel:


Boral Roofing Introduces a New Education Page for Architects and Contractors

Boral Roofing is very excited to announce the official release of our new Education page on our website! Featuring multiple CEU courses for architects through our partnerships with Hanleywood University, and the AIA. Additionally, you can sign up for our internal training courses for contractors.

Boral Roofing’s brand-new Education page is now LIVE on

The page includes all of the current courses available to architects who want to become educated on industry trends as well as Boral Roofing’s products like Steel, Concrete, Clay, and Composite.

You are now able to schedule and sign up for these courses through the specialized scheduling tool included on the page.

Check out the new page and schedule your first course by visiting:

Upcoming Virtual Continuing Education Courses

Continuing with the theme of virtual education, Boral North America continues to make a conscious effort to assist in supplying our customers with as many digital resources as possible going forward.

Alan Schall, Regional Architectural Manager representing Boral Roofing, will be presenting in Boral North America’s second session of the Continuing Education Series to help supplement resources and training sessions to architects digitally.

Designed specifically to assist in the continuation of growing industry knowledge, virtually, the courses are not limited to Boral Roofing products, but also include sessions from the Boral Stone Division, Meridian Brick, and Boral Building Products.

The virtual sessions reward attendees with either 1LU, HSW, or GBCI credits depending on the course content and matter.

Just about 800 people registered at the launch of these courses. The courses were highly successful and are vital to Boral North America maintaining the highest standards of training upon which Boral prides itself.

Boral Roofing has two courses coming up in the Virtual Continuing Education Series in the month of October:

Engineering a High-Performance Roofing System for Steep Pitch Roofs:

October 13th, 2020 – 11:30 AM PST. / 2:30 PM EST.

New Clay Roofing Trends:

October 22nd, 2020 – 11:30 AM PST. / 2:30 PM EST.

You can learn more about Continuing Education Courses and check for availability of sessions by visiting this link:

Technical Questions & Answers

A new addition to our Monthly Newsletter, Technical Questions & Answers aims to give explanations and answers to some of the questions we receive throughout the month regarding our products.

Questions range from choosing the right Boral Roofing products, features of a specific product, and best installation practices.

Technical Questions & Answers from the Month of September

This month we received a question regarding the fastening of our Stone Coated Steel panels and their protection against passage of water.


The Boral Steel panel’s standard design reduces the passage of water through the front nose fastening points. This is due to the fasteners being located in the “Shadow line” of the panel’s nose. This location provides secure fastening in the high points of the nose in the vertical plane, which allows water run-off over the front nose away from the fastening points. Through third party testing to the High Velocity Hurricane Zone criteria for wind driven rain, the fastening location passes all the HVHZ testing without water intrusion, into the structure.

Boral Roofing’s Favorite Installations of the Month

Partnered with #ROTW (Roof of the Week) posts on Social Media, we think it is important to highlight some of our favorite installations of Boral Roofing products by roofers from the past month! For the month of September, we received quite a few submissions of different jobs around the country that we thought were exceptionally stunning!

To show readers the installation of Boral Roofing's Saxony Concrete Roof Tile
Showing the strength and durability of Boral Steel's Pine Crest Shake Product in Oklahoma by Nichtech Roofing
To display the installation of Boral Roofing's Saxony 900 Split Shake Concrete Roof Tile Product in a Charcoal Brown Blend
To display the custom blend of Boral Roofing's Estate Concrete Roof Tile product installed by Big Al's Roofing in Florida

Fun & Entertainment

Things have been pretty serious for the past few months; however, we think it is important to maintain a sense of fun and appreciation for our employees as we continue to support our customers, employees, and the industry during the current climate.

In September, Boral Roofing had a couple of fun things that we shared on our social media pages including an interesting installation of our Inspire Classic Slate, and featured Christy Hager, our E-Commerce Manager in our monthly Employee Spotlight.

Additionally, we also participated in ‘Patriot Day’ on September 11th to honor the heroes and families of September 11th, 2001.

That’s it for this edition of the Boral Roofing Newsletter, we hope that you are continuing to stay healthy and safe. If there is anything we can do to assist you with Boral Roofing-related matters, please reach out to us through our Contact Us form or on our Social Media platforms.