Boral Roofing Monthly Newsletter | April 2020 | Issue 03

April 2020 – Issue 03

In an effort to stay connected with the community, Boral Roofing’s Monthly Newsletter aims to keep the community up to date with everything that has occurred during the past month or so at Boral Roofing. Including, but not limited to, press releases, new video releases, product launches, show homes and much more!

We hope that you will enjoy reading about all of the exciting things we’re working on, our involvement in the community, and most importantly; what we’re building great!

If you could please take a second to share this newsletter with your peers and colleagues in order to keep them up to date on the latest news from Boral Roofing as well, thank you and enjoy!

Product Launches

Boral Roofing’s New Tile Mortar

On March 2nd, 2020 Boral Roofing was pleased to announce a new product for the Florida and Texas markets; Boral Tile Mortar, a pre-colored, fiber-reinforced mortar for tile roof weather blocking with no need to add oxides! Our mortar includes an Integral Water Repellent (IWR) additive to help prevent efflorescence.

We recently received an installation video of our new Boral Tile Mortar by Professional Sunshine Roofing Inc. in Florida, which featured an excellent example of a real-world application of our new product.

The video was featured on our social media pages as a #throwbackthursday post recently, and we’d like you to see it!

To Learn More about Boral Roofing’s New Type S Tile Mortar, Click HERE

Updates to Boral Roofing’s Ply 40 Underlayment

We’ve recently launched some updates to our Boral Roofing Ply 40 Underlayment product in an effort to better serve our customers. Updates include new part numbers, volume pricing, and an updated warranty.

Updated Limited Warranty – Boral® Ply 40 is a great underlayment with a great warranty!

  • 10 years single layer, 20 years double layer
  • Up to 6 months outside exposure (previously 3)
  • White lay lines (previously green)
  • Product is branded Boral Ply 40 (new)
  • Weight 80 lbs./roll (previously 75)
  • Rolls per pallet – 36 (previously 24)

New part numbers – Effective as of April 24, 2020:

  • 92610 for Drop ship FTL
  • 92611 for Pick-up at plant


  • The only change to pricing is volume pricing for one pallet now requires the purchase of 36 rolls, previously 24 rolls.

Ply 40 Product Page:

Ply 40 Brochure:

Ply 40 Warranty:

Ply 40 Install Guide:

Ply 40 SDS (Safety Data Sheet):

Website Additions & Features

Direct Revit from BIMsmith

We’ve recently added ‘Direct Revit’ to some of our product pages on

The addition of Direct Revit to the is a seamless integration that was built in order to assist architects with their planning and building their projects as they search through our roofing products.

Architects will be able to login, save files, and view products from the addition and easily compare products and colors within the product pages.

You can learn more about the addition through this video:

Design A Blend Tool

Additionally, many people have been excited by re-launch of the Boral Roofing Design a Blend Tool on our website that allows you to customize your own US Tile 2-Piece Mission – Clay Tile products.

You can choose from tons of color options and apply them to the Pan, the Tile, and even add a 20% boost to it!

If you get a few minutes, we highly recommend checking it out and playing around with the nearly endless color blend options you can create!

You can check out the tool here:

Going Digital

Virtual CEU Courses: The BIMsmith Coffee Club

Given events over the past couple of months, Boral Roofing has put together a number of digital resources for contractors, architects, and builders alike in order to better assist our customers in navigating these unprecedented times.

We have introduced things such as Virtual Training Sessions, Virtual Installation Video Series for Boral Steel, Virtual Resources for Contractors, and more.

We hope all of this combined will be a great resource in helping you better conduct business, digitally.

The BIMsmith Coffee Club Virtual CEU Course:

In partnership with BIMsmith, Boral Roofing participated in hosting a Virtual CEU Training course of architects that allowed for them to earn AIA credits and learn about our newest Clay Roofing trends in the current and future marketplaces. The virtual session hosted over one hundred attendees and received astounding feedback!

You can find more information on past and upcoming CEU sessions under ‘Architect Resources’ in the Resources section of

Boral Steel Virtual Installation Series:

Last month we introduced the Boral Steel Virtual Installation Series which is a playlist of videos by our Boral Steel installation expert, Ian May. He walks through different tips, tricks, and how to’s when it comes to the installation of Boral Steel Products.

You can watch the full-length series here:

You can see the full playlist here:

Virtual Resources

 In an effort to support our community, Boral North America compiled a list of the best resources for contractors regarding safety and business. Including articles and resources from the NAHB, OSHA, Pro Remodeler, and many more.

To view the full list of resources please click here:

Boral Roofing In The News

 Throughout the month of April, Boral Roofing products were featured in a few media outlets such as Roofing Contractor Magazine, Roofing Magazine, and by HBS Dealers.

The outlets featured articles about Boral Roofing’s New Tile Mortar and the installation of our Saxony 900 product with ICP adhesive foam.

You can read the articles through the links below or by clicking on the respective images:


As with our #ROTW (Roof of the Week) posts on Social Media, we think it is important to highlight some of our favorite installations of Boral Roofing products by roofers from past installations!


Earth Day 2020

On April 22nd, we celebrated Earth Day 2020, which was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! We think it is important to do our part to protect our environment through taking necessary steps in our manufacturing processes to minimize our carbon footprint.

At Boral Roofing, we try to do our best to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible! Our Clay & Steel products are made with 100% recyclable materials, with most Clay products featuring a Cradle to Cradle Certification.

We put together an Earth Day 2020 article which includes videos, photos, and information regarding Boral Roofing’s involvement in protecting the planet!

To read our Earth Day 2020 news article, click here:

Boral Roofing Kid’s Draw!

During the month of April, we held an open contest to the children in the lives of Boral Roofing employees. Many of the kids were interested in doing their part to help their Boral Roofing family members out with their work!

We think they may have a future in Sales or Marketing at Boral Roofing given their amazing efforts to support the company, what do you think?

Watch the video here: