Boral Roofing Introduces New One-Step Pre-Colored Tile Mortar for the Florida Market

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March 2nd, 2020

Boral Roofing is pleased to announce a new product in Florida; Boral™ Tile Mortar, a pre-colored, fiber-reinforced mortar for tile roof weather blocking with no need to add oxides! Our mortar includes an Integral Water Repellent (IWR) additive to help prevent efflorescence.

In addition, Boral™ Tile Mortar is offered in a range of colors to pair with our most popular concrete roof tiles. Due to the mortar being pre-mixed with color already included, you will simply need to just add water!

“Our goal with the launch of our new Boral Tile Mortar was to not only simplify the process of mixing mortar, but to help contractors in cutting costs and providing a safer working environment for their employees through the elimination of requiring a large electric mixer on a job site” said Wade Shepherd, Sr. Business Manager of Components for Boral Roofing.

Boral Roofing has included “Color Match Guides” for both the Lake Wales and Okeechobee plants on our website to assist our customers in finding the best-matched colored mortar for their project.

Samples for the mortar will also be available to be shipped directly to you in the coming weeks to assist in you finding the best possible color to match your installation.


Pompano Plant – Available March 2nd ,2020
Lake Wales – Available for Pickup Monday, March 9th, 2020
Okeechobee – Available for Pickup Monday, March 9th, 2020
Dropship Truckload Purchases – Available March 2nd, 2020

Full truckloads can be drop shipped direct to your desired location in Florida with Boral paying the freight! Truckloads can be mixed with different colors to help manage your inventory, each pallet must be a single color.

For more information regarding the launch of this product and how to find it, please visit the links below:

Boral Tile Mortar Florida Brochure

Color Match Guidelines – Lake Wales

Color Match Guidelines – Okeechobee

Boral Tile Mortar Safety Data Sheet